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Trimming the Grass

All lawns need mowing; it is one of the most frequent, and most important, tasks in maintaining a healthy lawn. Getting the cutting height and mowing frequency right can make a huge difference to the ongoing health of the lawn. 


This is to encourage shrubs, trees and evergreens to produce new shoots and growth or to get plants back into a manageable size


Starting with a discussion about how you would like to use your garden. From a low maintenance to an established look

Need Ideas?

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges.

Hedge Cutting

Clearing a garden to make it ready for the winter months or after winter into the new growing season. Garden clearing is also a task that is done after the work is complete to leave it looking nice and tidy.

Garden Clearance

Planting of new trees, shrubs and plants to encourage a better look in the garden.

Rose Blossom


We create bespoke hanging baskets for our clients. You tell us the colour you would like. We source the basket and plants, grow them on and when it's time, we deliver to your property.



If you have an allotment or want to grow veg in your garden. We can help with the growing of veg plants. You tell us what you would like to grow and we supply the plants in time for planting.