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Name: Loretta Q.

Location: Maidenhead

Posted on: January 2021

Basil worked very hard and did a great job pruning, weeding, mowing the lawn and pressure washing two patios - I would highly recommend him and will be asking him back in the spring to do some more work on the garden.

Name: Francesca Ayers

Location: Hemel Hempstead

Posted on: December 2020

Basil treated my garden like his own - pruning where needed - and providing advice - as well as all the hard work to tidy up and get us ready for spring (he didn't stop all day). 

Would very much recommend!

Name: Jim

Location: Cippenham

Posted on: November 2020

Great job Basil, thank you. The new hedge looks good, a professional job and would certainly use your services again.

Name: Jacqui Turner

Location: Cippenham

Posted on: September 2020

Basil provides a fast professional service at a very reasonable price. Gave very sound advice on what was needed and I was very happy with what he achieved in a short space of time. Will be asking him back to do more work

Name: Isma Wahid

Location: Langley, Slough

Posted on: August 2020

This is the first time I have used Basil and can highly recommend him. He did an excellent job of pruning, weeding and tidying my front and back garden. Extremely knowledgeable about plants which he patiently explained to a novice like myself. Both my neighbours were equally impressed with his work and will be contacting him in the future.

Name: Lara Pendergast

Location: Slough

Posted on: July 2020

I would highly recommend Basil to anyone. Basil arrive on time, was very professional, tidy and trustworthy. Our garden was very over ground, Basil and Steve worked very hard all day to clear the garden, I was wowed by the transformation. We’re looking forward to Basil coming back and making the garden dog friendly and added some colour to the garden, then maintaining the garden for us. Thanks again Basil, brilliant gardener who knows his stuff.

Name: Pete Gates

Location: Slough

Posted on: May 2020

I recommend Basil Extremely highly. He completed a two stage transformation of what was a front garden jungle of 7ft high weeds into something tidy, then later into something attractive. I'll be using him again later this year for further work in the back garden. I'm Very happy indeed!

Name: Sunitha Pais

Location: Iver

Posted on: April 2020

Very pleased with what Basil has done with my garden. He has good knowledge about plants and gave some very good recommendations for plants. Was prompt and did a splendid job. I can now enjoy my garden so much better. Thanks

Name: Ray Davis

Location: Chipperfield, Hertfordshire

Posted on: February 2020

Excellent work to create a new rockery and tidy up an overgrown front garden. Basil and his assistant were very cooperative and provided good advice to the design. Would thoroughly recommend his work.

Name: Chrysa

Location: Uxbridge

Posted on: February 2020

Basil has done a great job with our garden. He is very knowledgeable, hard working and passionate with his work. We are extremely pleased with his work and his ideas. We trust him completely. We have already used his services twice and we will definitely be using him in the future.

Name: M & H. Schouwenburg

Location: Motril, Spain

Posted on: December 2019

Basil is very professional. He is meticulous and passionate about what he does and the work he carried out was to a high standard. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional gardener. Thank you Basil and come back again!

Name: Alphons

Location: Granada, Spain

Posted on: December 2019

Basil is a very hard and pleasant worker who sees what needs to be done. He can think outside the box and come up with good ideas.

In our garden we were very happy and content that we had him here.

If you love your garden, Basil is the best choice.

Would definitely recommend Mimosa Garden Services

Thank you Basil

Name: Ayesha

Location: Langley, Slough

Posted on: November 2019

Basil had a friendly and professional approach and had useful suggestions when I couldn't decide.

I was impressed by his skill and the amount of work he covered with his friend in a few hours.

We had a big clump of bamboo dug out, a large area weeded, a pond partially filled and a little flower bed planted.

We definitely plan on having him back again.

Name: Chetna Gohil

Location: Langley

Posted on: October 2019

Basil is a hard worker and is also very knowledgeable. He trimmed back everything in our garden! It now looks more open and tidy.

Thank you so much for your help.

Name: Shariat

Location: Uxbridge

Posted on: October 2019

We did a major landscaping work in our garden. Basil was awarded the work for supplying 8 tons of top soil and grass rolls for a 50m2 area and also laying down the grass. He gave clear instruction for preparing the topsoil in advance and spent 4 hours laying down the grass rolls with his assistant. He gave guidance over several weeks on how best to look after and water it. He supplied and installed water sprinklers and timers. All works were delivered on the agreed dates. 2 months and 3 cuttings later and the lawn looks great. Good quality grass. Very happy with it. Good job.

Thank you Basil.

Name: Patricia Fiddian

Location: Gerrards Cross

Posted on: August 2019

Basil spent 4 hours with us and did an amazing amount of work to tidy up our garden as evidenced by huge amounts destined for the recycling centre. Hope that his next visit will be more fun!

Name: Noor Star

Location: Denham

Posted on: August 2019

A real professional, thank you for your help and your positive approach, the garden has been transformed! Highly recommend! J & A

Name: Suman Ipe

Location: Chesham

Posted on: June 2019

Basil (and his puppy dog) did a garden clearance for us. I suppose the work done by Basil could have been done by any professional gardener. However the reason Basil stands out is the time he takes explaining the various options and opportunities of the garden. He took a situation and made us think of the potential which as novices we would have never thought about. It has definitely created excitement. Basil spent a lot of time educating us in the most matter of fact manner. He was never rushed and clearly it was important for Basil to spend that level of time and not hurrying to do another job. Basil is quite creative as can be seen from his foray into flower baskets as well.

Would definitely recommend Basil.      

Name: Shaheena Manzoor

Location: Watford Herts

Posted on: May 2019

Basil came highly recommended to me and I felt no need to contact anyone else for a quote to be honest. He made two visits prior to the job to discuss what I had in mind and what would be best for in terms of short and long term maintenance for our garden. He turned, what was a nightmare to look at, into a blank canvas in order for me to highlight my own creativity. He raised the soil to ground level with tonnes of soil and laid a fresh lawn on top which was exactly what I envisioned. Basil was a extremely clean and thorough worker, having the attention to detail that is needed in a professional gardener. As well as Basil himself, his friends were easy going and had a wealth of knowledge along with an easy temperament.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Name: Davina

Location: Iver

Posted on: May 2019

We recently used Basil from Mimosa gardening services, he is a actually a horticulturalist. He was very knowledgeable, punctual and efficient and did some quite complex tasks for us that I wasn’t sure a less qualified gardener could have done.

Name: Ashish

Location: Taplow

Posted on: May 2019

Top marks to Basil for his gardening work. He is hard working, knows his stuff and didn’t leave any mess behind. I’d highly recommend his services.

Name: Raj

Location: Slough

Posted on: May 2019

Basil was great. He mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges as requested. A pleasant guy. Good value for money. I will hire him again.

Name: Kalindah

Location: Slough

Posted on: March 2019

Basil did an amazing job, he transformed a lifeless garden back to life and is coming back to plant trees and shrubs, gave amazing advice, very professional and clean, would recommend him to everybody.

Name: Jumoke

Location: Langley

Posted on: March 2019

Basil has only just started on my garden and he has already brought life back to it.   Once again I love admiring my garden.

I appreciate the creativity he brings and I can't wait to see how he will transform my garden in 6 months!!

Name: Kim Beyns

Location: Iver

Posted on: March 2019

Very good gardener. He gave us great advice for our garden.

We recommend his services.

Name: Rosemary

Location: Iver

Posted on: February 2019

Basil has pruned a very large old Acer of ours. He is coming back for more !!!

Name: Nanou Udine

Location: Langley, Slough

Posted on: February 2019

Basil has just cut down to the ground a very big, invasive large "bush climber" which broke my back every year when I had to cut it down. He has done an impresssive job. And he has cleaned up all the mess! Very pleased....and grateful!

Name: Yann M.

Location: Denham

Posted on: February 2019

Very professional and hard working

Name: Kim

Location: Hemel Hempstead

Posted on: February 2019

We just bought a house with a garden and Basil gave us very useful tips. He has a great knowledge of flowers and plants. He obviously has the skills we needed. We highly recommend him.

Name: Julia

Location: Denham

Posted on: February 2019

I can highly recommend Mimosa Garden Services/ Basil! Quality work, very knowledgeable on plants and a beyond the call of duty mentality. Thanks again for the beautiful garden, Basil!

Name: Sue

Location: Herts

Posted on: February 2019

I’ve known Basil for 2 years, he is a skilled plants man, gardener and landscaper. He is passionate about what he does.

Name: William

Location: Slough

Posted on: January 2019

We were very satisfied with Basil, Mimosa Garden Services. Will certainly ask him again.

Name: Sameer

Location: Iver

Posted on: November 2018

Excellent work by Mimosa, I would highly recommend, done everything I asked for in the front and back garden extremely well, to a high quality and was a pleasure to deal with. Garden now looks great, thank you Basil!

Name: Pete 

Location: Slough

Posted on: October 2018

Mimosa have done a top job clearing my front garden (it was an overgrown mess) - getting them back to help with planting now! Highly recommended.

Name: Fabiela

Location: Harrow

Posted on: October 2018

“Great Work!”

Basil worked very hard to clear the back garden and cut all the Ivy and took it away. Thank you.

Customer service 10.0

Quality 10.0

Value for money 10.0

Name: Dresscher

Location: Northwood

Posted on: September 2018

A capable gardener with thorough knowledge of plants. He listens attentively to our wishes and has good proposals. We are very satisfied with the quality of his work: the border looks excellent; the conifer hedge has been trimmed to the correct height, and the lawn has been mown. We will certainly invite him for subsequent work.

Name: Amy Marie

Location: Hemel Hempstead

Posted on: July 2018

Mimosa Garden services have done a wonderful job with our garden. It was extremely overgrown and out of control, and now looks great! Having been let down by several other companies, I am very relieved to have found a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable gardener. I would highly recommend Mimosa Garden Services. Thank you

Name: Cee Gee

Location: Slough

Posted on: June 2018

''I had a garden with hedges that were very overgrown and they came in and made it look like a garden again. They completed the work that we agreed. I would definitely use them again! ''

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